MyFax – Fax by Email

In Chained To Your Desk – Work Where You Live I wrote about a survey that outlined the 10 business tools predicted to be extinct by 2017.  Since I had not been using most of these “dinosaurs” since 2008, I decided to put a spotlight on a couple that were listed and tell you how […]

Personal Characteristics Needed To Be in Business For Yourself

In Part 1 we covered Common Misconceptions About Being In Business For Yourself.  Now we will outline the personal characteristics needed to be in business for yourself You must be of sound health, physically and mentally.  You need to be physically capable of doing what you need to do in your business.  In fact I […]

How To Use Magicjack At the Office and At Home – Video

In “Chained to a Desk Work Where You Live” I covered the 10 business technologies and trends predicted to be extinct by 2017 as reported by a LinkedIn survey, along with how to get rid of them in your office by the end of 2012.  Doing so will save you money and give you greater […]

Common Misconceptions About Being in Business for Yourself

Just the other day I was talking with a friend who said “I want to do what you do – I want to be in business for myself.” There are various reasons why someone might choose to start their own business. Maybe they have lost a job and are having trouble finding a new one […]

Chained to a desk? Work Where You Live

So Thursday I was traveling between several client meetings in the city and all over the radio was news of this article, “The Cubicle Dinosaurs:  Tape Recorders and Fax Machines Top LinkedIn’s List of Office Endangered Species released September 25, 2012 by the LinkedIn Press Center.  According the article, 7000 people surveyed said that 10 […]

Health and Other Insurance Solution

Stuck on COBRA?  Starting a business?  Change of life situation has you looking at insurance? As I took the initial steps to become self employed and launch my business in 2004, I knew one of the first things I needed to address was how to cover all those employer benefits I would be leaving behind.  […]