Places to go: Okoboji, La Chiesa, Grotto of the Redemption

Well, if you have to work a weekend in the summer it might as well be in a setting like this!  Hands down this client wins the “Best Meeting” location of the year!  If you have to meet – where better than lakeside in Okoboji, Iowa.  To learn about hosting a meeting or vacation ideas […]

Restaurant Review: La Chiesa in Spencer, IA

So on our roundabout trip through Okoboji, Spencer and Wall Lake, Iowa my mother wielded her iPhone and took on the challenge of finding us a great place to eat.  (Click here to read the details of our trip which features a stop at the Grotto of the Redemption). THE FACTS La Chiesa (Italian for […]

Restaurant Review: The AMERICANA in Des Moines, IA

My boys are all about getting their protein.  So oftentimes when we go out casually for fun as a family it involves burgers.  Jake actually recommended this restaurant to us. He had been there with friends and had a sandwich with chicken livers on it (my kids have unique taste buds!).  He thought the sandwich […]