Lemon Buttermilk Pie with Honeyed Strawberries

If you have never made a Buttermilk Pie and are looking for a new dessert to make for your Easter Dinner – give this recipe from Anderson Erickson Dairy a try!  I made this a couple weeks ago for a special dinner with family and a few guests and everyone liked this pie.  This is very easy and unique!  The […]

Taco Soup Showdown!

You know how it is.  We have our recipes and we are proud of them.  Fighting proud.   So my sister and I are hoping we might be able to enlist some help is settling this fight once and for all!  After all the only responses we get from family are “well, they are both good” […]

Kristina’s Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe – Video

If you are looking for an after school or great snack cookie give this recipe a try!  Everyone will love these peanut butter cookies! Compared to the traditional peanut butter cookie recipes this one has gotten a bit of a makeover.  By taking out the added fat and flour it really helps the peanut butter […]

Jake’s Birthday Dinner – Recipe – Video

These recipes for Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Boys Beans are a simple set of ingredients and easy to follow.  This is a great meal for working moms and even guys to make!  I usually make this meal once or twice a year as it seems to be a hit with “the men.” For working moms:  […]

Kristina’s Tomato Gravy – Recipe – Video

Tomato gravy?  Most people have never heard of this dish.  The “quintessential comfort food” is how it is described after I make it.   In our house we have a few meals we prepare that are really budget friendly.  This is one of those meals.  This is also something you can prepare quickly and likely without […]

Kristina’s Frozen Corn – Recipe – Video

A unique method and recipe for freezing sweet corn!  I have been freezing corn like this for years. This is a recipe I found in my Grandmother’s recipe box.  This is just so good!  I have a hard time getting it packed up in the containers for freezing because my family likes to eat it […]

Aunt Kathy’s Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

A kid favorite Chocolate Cream Pie!  For the last few years the 4th of July has always been celebrated the same way.  I make my Aunt Kathy’s Chocolate Cream Pie that she used to make for family gatherings when I was a little girl.  Her birthday was in July so I have just always made […]