EASY Spiked Chocolate Mousse

This is for the “big kids” table.  This is SO easy and elegant.  Perfect dessert to serve for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or a small dinner party.  After stumbling on the original recipe we experimented by using different liqueurs and now family and friends have a hard time deciding which one is their favorite.  Too, […]

Chocolate Thinny Mint Cookies

These Chocolate Thinny Mint Cookies are a favorite at our house.  These are a homemade spin off the scouts mint cookies.  These chocolate mint cookies are easy to prepare though they do require a bit of time to chill in the refrigerator before baking.  The photo shows two different ways to prepare these based on […]

Mom’s Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes

It used to be that your Mom could send a homemade treat to school to share with the class on your birthday. This was a great thing as it created a bit of friendly competition between the Moms and kids for which Mom made the best treat.  Today, the schools have taken all the fun […]

Chocolate-Greek Yogurt Mousse

Here is a great chocolate mousse recipe from the Anderson Erickson Dairy website.  This uses Greek Yogurt which is higher in protein and lower in sugar making it a healthy addition to this decadent dessert!  The featured photo is courtesy Anderson Erickson.  A couple photos we took are shown below.  I hope you will give […]

Taste Test: Ghirardelli Romantic Flavor Chocolates

Here is another Ghirardelli taste test.  This post features their romantic flavors that are released for Valentine’s Day.  Ghirardelli sent me a box that included their Dark and Strawberry, Milk and Strawberry, Sublime White Vanilla Dream and 60% Cacao Chocolate. Just as I did with the box of seasonal Christmas chocolates we received I shared […]

Aunt Kathy’s Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

A kid favorite Chocolate Cream Pie!  For the last few years the 4th of July has always been celebrated the same way.  I make my Aunt Kathy’s Chocolate Cream Pie that she used to make for family gatherings when I was a little girl.  Her birthday was in July so I have just always made […]