Cheryl’s Earthquake Cake

This recipe was sent into us from Cheryl.  Here is what she has to say about this recipe….. When using a 9×13 pan as the recipe says, this usually runs over the cake pan for me, so, if I remember, I put some foil on the rack below the pan to save on clean up, […]

Grandma’s Red Cake

This classic Red Cake is perfect to serve for dessert on Valentine’s Day.  This is the recipe Grandma would use to make Red Cake.  We want to mention this references Waldorf Astoria Deluxe Red Cake.  Always a sight to see this sitting on the dining room table when you would stop by around Valentine’s Day. […]

Pink Almond Party Cake

My Mom has “Super Powers.” These Super Powers make it very hard to live up to her example. So, one Super Power is that she would make great birthday cakes when I was a kid. I remember she made me a teddy bear cake and another time a ladybug cake. Super Power! This is something […]

Low Carb Cheesecake

Here is a great low carb sweet treat.  Of course, if you prefer you can use real sugar.  I make this at least once or twice a year and it is always a hit at our house.  The tricky thing of course with making a cheesecake at home has to do with how easily they […]