Dare Devils!

For Easter Dinner, I, like everyone else, made deviled eggs. I made just the standard run of the mill recipe for regular deviled eggs but also made Dare Devils. Now Dare Devils are not your everyday deviled egg and yet there is nothing advanced about making Dare Devils. This recipe is just for the adventurous. […]

Naughty Nurses BBQ Tex Mex Meatloaf

Well when looking at the weather map of the Midwest it is either Winter or Wet.  Yesterday, my team and I had to jump through hoops to cancel a client event that was scheduled to be held today in NW Iowa.  But with ice and snow, we did not want people traveling in for that […]

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

We have mentioned several times that the boys are huge fans of Bodybuilding.com.  We have been affiliated with them since the start of our site. Whenever we order products they include recipe cards in the packaging box.  This is a recipe that came along in our last order.  We gave it a try and the […]

Suzanne’s Crockpot Chicken Tacos

Here is another great dish from Suzanne.  This easy to prepare chicken taco dish cooks all day in the crockpot making dinner a snap.  This is important for Suzanne as she has a houseful of men to feed who are always hungry right when they get home! Suzanne’s Crockpot Chicken Tacos 4 whole chicken breasts […]

Skillet Steak Special

This method for cooking steak was shared with me by an ex-Marine world traveler turned sports car driving Texas oilman who works with explosives everyday and goes by the codename J-Train.  I took his easy quick method for cooking steak and jazzed it up to create a full meal deal fit for a King.  This […]

Wendy’s Simple Salmon

If you are already thinking about healthy eating going into the new year then give this simple salmon recipe from my sister Wendy a try!  This is just right for two people. Wendy’s Simple Salmon 6 – 8 ounce salmon filet 1/3 cup olive oil 1/3 cup Worcestershire 1/3 cup sesame seed 1/3 cup soy […]

Easy Chicken Marsala

I first had Chicken Marsala in an Italian restaurant.  And I don’t know what it is about me but when I try something in a restaurant that I like, I see if can find a way to make it at home.  That is what led me to this Chicken Marsala recipe. So what is Chicken […]

Jake’s Birthday Dinner – Recipe – Video

These recipes for Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Boys Beans are a simple set of ingredients and easy to follow.  This is a great meal for working moms and even guys to make!  I usually make this meal once or twice a year as it seems to be a hit with “the men.” For working moms:  […]