AMERICANA – Key Lime Pie Bites

Here are the luscious Key Lime Pie Bites from AMERICANA Restaurant and Lounge in Des Moines, IA.  When we made these at home we cut them into small pie shaped slices but you could easily trim the round pan edges off and cut them into squares or small rectangles.  This is a favorite item to […]

Greg’s Apple Crumble Coffee Cake

Here we have an Apple Crumble Coffee Cake from Greg.  This is perfect for breakfast or brunch!  I want to mention that Greg and Kristi recently launched a new website for their Competition BBQ and Catering business. Check them out at While there – for sure – check out the “merch” link where you […]

Cheryl’s Earthquake Cake

This recipe was sent into us from Cheryl.  Here is what she has to say about this recipe….. When using a 9×13 pan as the recipe says, this usually runs over the cake pan for me, so, if I remember, I put some foil on the rack below the pan to save on clean up, […]

Kristina’s Rum Cake

This is fun to serve during the holidays.  Or, this is also great to serve during family or business gatherings where the topic of conversation could get tense!  Now a couple things to keep in mind – it seems it is hard these days to find a pre-packaged cake mix that does not include pudding […]

Grandma’s Red Cake

This classic Red Cake is perfect to serve for dessert on Valentine’s Day.  This is the recipe Grandma would use to make Red Cake.  We want to mention this references Waldorf Astoria Deluxe Red Cake.  Always a sight to see this sitting on the dining room table when you would stop by around Valentine’s Day. […]

Shirley’s Sunshine Pie (Easy Lemon Pie)

This recipe was given to me by a friend.  This is Shirley’s Sunshine Pie or Easy Lemon Pie.  Much like our Easy Spiked Chocolate Mousse this too is SO easy as this also Maybe takes 5 minutes to make.  4 minutes of making it and getting it into the pan and 1 more minute to […]

EASY Spiked Chocolate Mousse

This is for the “big kids” table.  This is SO easy and elegant.  Perfect dessert to serve for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or a small dinner party.  After stumbling on the original recipe we experimented by using different liqueurs and now family and friends have a hard time deciding which one is their favorite.  Too, […]

Jessica’s Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

Jessica came up with this recipe and it is excellent.  We have made this a handful of times already this summer.  This would be a perfect ice cream to make for the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend.  The flavor is excellent!  Best homemade strawberry ice cream we have EVER tasted! Jessica’s Homemade Strawberry Ice […]

Charity’s Easy Ice Cream Dessert

We married her into the family and she makes this great easy dessert!  Charity’s Easy Ice Cream Dessert is perfect for any gathering of family or friends.  No one even needs to know just how easy it is! Charity’s Easy Ice Cream Dessert Line 9 x 13 pan with….. 12 traditional rectangular ice cream sandwiches […]

Classic Midwestern Coffee Cake

This is a classic Midwestern Coffee Cake that is certainly worth making once a year. Great for Mother’s Day! Share it with your family or take it to the office. This recipe calls for pecan chips (pecans chopped very fine) which you can omit if you prefer without nuts. Classic Midwestern Coffee Cake Position rack […]