Butter Balls (Beurre manié)

Butter Balls are the Midwestern down home name for the chef’s fancy Beurre manié (French for kneaded butter).  You of course can make on the fly in just the amount you need for your recipe but these are so handy to make in bulk and have on hand ready to go from the freezer.  We will […]

Jessica’s Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

Jessica came up with this recipe and it is excellent.  We have made this a handful of times already this summer.  This would be a perfect ice cream to make for the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend.  The flavor is excellent!  Best homemade strawberry ice cream we have EVER tasted! Jessica’s Homemade Strawberry Ice […]

Grandma’s Canned Tomato Soup

If you are still trying to use up the last hurrah of tomatoes in your garden you might enjoy Grandma’s Canned Tomato Soup. Now – for the diehard grocery store tomato soup fans, well this has a very different flavor and feel as this includes celery and onion. This is a great soup to serve […]

Grandma’s Cranberry Orange Jam

I am not sure if I am curious, creative or just crazy.  So anyway – we have been combing through Grandma’s recipes looking for what we think are the truly unique when we run across this little dandy….. Grandma’s Rhubarb Orange Jam.  My cousin Jenny had already put up three small jars – which is […]

Kristina’s Frozen Corn – Recipe – Video

A unique method and recipe for freezing sweet corn!  I have been freezing corn like this for years. This is a recipe I found in my Grandmother’s recipe box.  This is just so good!  I have a hard time getting it packed up in the containers for freezing because my family likes to eat it […]