Taste Test: Simply Snackin Gourmet Meat Snacks

We recently tried the variety pack of gourmet meat snacks from Simply Snackin.  Simply Snackin is made with the finest all-natural ingredients and is a great source of lean healthy protein.  The variety pack we tried included an assortment of beef and chicken snacks that were infused with the additional flavors of apples, berries, fruits, […]

Taste Test: Ghirardelli Romantic Flavor Chocolates

Here is another Ghirardelli taste test.  This post features their romantic flavors that are released for Valentine’s Day.  Ghirardelli sent me a box that included their Dark and Strawberry, Milk and Strawberry, Sublime White Vanilla Dream and 60% Cacao Chocolate. Just as I did with the box of seasonal Christmas chocolates we received I shared […]

Superbowl Party Snack Table Centerpiece

Last week we did a post for Superbowl Party Snack Ideas.  Check it out to see some great dips and other snacks for your Superbowl party. In that post  I also told you about the Football shaped summer sausage we got last year and shared that we had another one on the way to us […]

More Common Cents from John Norris

Here is another great newsletter from John Norris that provides a different look at the weekly Wage and Salary report and how that translates out into what is really going on with our economy. January 18, 2013 Common Cents         Check out our Recipes for Main Dishes, Cookies and Desserts and Side […]

Superbowl Party Snack Ideas!

For the diehard football fans this will seem ridiculous but, earlier this week I did a search to find out when the Superbowl is being played this year.  I needed to know when the Superbowl is being played so I could figure out some Superbowl party snacks to serve on the day of the game.  […]

Taste Test: Guacamole Mixes

Well if you don’t have a good recipe in the box or if you just don’t feel like making homemade then it is important to know the best prepared product to buy.  We did a taste test of a few Guacamole Mixes to see which one we felt tasted the best.  We tried: Mrs. Wages […]

Top 12 (plus 2 plus 1) of 2012

I thought it might be interesting to list out the top 12 posts of 2012 as well as the top 2 facebook likes and the top youtube video.  Just in case you missed any of these you may want to check them out.  We have great things planned for 2013.  We hope you will keep […]

Idiot’s Delight

While we had fun outside over the school winter break, one of the things we really enjoyed doing inside was playing cards and Trivial Pursuit (yes the 80’s classic board game).  I am very lucky that my kids do not have a constant need for expensive entertainment!  So anyway – Jessica thought we should post […]

Common Cents with John Norris

Bear with me people but I am an accountant at the core of my being so I like business and financial topics.  One of the things I have been told throughout my career is that I have a knack for explaining financial and business concepts in such a way that most “non-accountants” can understand.  Good […]

Beauty Product Review: Sally Hansen Salon Nail Gels

Our policy has been that if we don’t have anything nice to say then we just don’t say anything at all.  We have been rethinking that approach as perhaps there is something valuable in sharing an honest assessment that does not turn out that well.  After all it could save someone from trying something they […]