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About kristinashouse.com  3/8/15 – we are updating this page – check back next week!!!

This site showcases old school Midwestern work ethics anchored in honesty and hard work yet armed with cutting edge thinking and trendy tech tools. This site also showcases Midwestern lifestyles celebrated through family, friends, food and fun. You will find substance AND sizzle along with some surprises!

Here is where you will find the best of the Midwest.  This site shares recipes of the past right out of Grandma’s recipe box, alongside all the fashionable foods and flavors of today. We pair Midwest meats and cheeses with homegrown fruits and vegetables.  We even throw in the unique game meats that show up in a Midwest kitchen and we never forget the wine.  We showcase how to use leftovers and how to preserve food.  Our comfort foods include “rich man” meals and “poor man” meals as here in the Midwest we know how to make the most of when times are long and times are lean.  We have practical beauty, family, fun and homemaking tips.  We also feature reviews of resorts, hotels, restaurants and more in our Out and About section.

In our business section you will find ideas on how to make and save money in running your business.  We will give you tools in the event you aspire to be a business owner yourself. We will also give you tools on how to be the best employee you can be so you can get yourself in a position to advocate for a better work and life blend from your employer.

A few of our contributors are featured below and yet we have several people, with expertise in a variety of areas, contributing to this site.  And, while you can come here and read what we write – the best way to get the most out of this site is to pose questions that our contributors can answer for you.  You can submit questions through the Contact Us page.  We will answer those questions in posts to the site so everyone can benefit.

You are busy. Here you will find impactful solutions delivered in a short amount of time on both work and life topics. So, check us out as you are between meetings, in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, or during the seventh inning stretch of your son or daughter’s ball game.

Ask questions…. or not…… but either way we hope you will visit kristinashouse.com each week for flashbacks and fast-forwards!

About Kristina
Kristina grew up in a small farming community.  She is a graduate of a liberal arts college with a B.A. in Accounting.  After graduation Kristina worked in public accounting.  During that time her responsibilities included audit, review and compilation of financial statements, tax and payroll processing.  In 1994 Kristina moved out of public accounting to work in the private sector as a member of management.  During that time her responsibilities included accounting, human resources, information technology, administration, sales and marketing.   In 2001 Kristina assumed a leadership role with a national Fortune 500 management consulting company.  While there, she was responsible for the internal day-to-day operations and staff supervision of a senior level consulting division.  Responsibilities included business development, recruitment of experienced professional consultants and acting as Public Relations spokesperson.  In 2004 she established her own business consulting firm.  Kristina has spent her entire career working with small businesses to large publicly traded companies in a broad variety of industries on a wide variety of projects and initiatives.  Industries served include agriculture, AV production, real estate, government, banking, construction, professional services, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation, aerospace, non-profit and manufacturing.  She provides support services to professionals working in architecture, engineering, education, interior design, facilities management, landscape architecture, as well as other professions.  The footprint of her work extends mostly throughout the Midwest. When traveling for work Kristina spends her downtime seeking out the usual and the unique in shopping, recreation, spa services and dining.  White linen to hole in the wall, she tries them all. While not working Kristina is kept on the run by three busy kids.  She lives in the country, vacations in her kitchen, tends to her garden, and plays the piano.  She is often reading, loves learning and is always up to something new.


Jenny holds a BSBA in Accounting from Creighton University in Omaha, NE.  At work she is an Accounting Supervisor for a large insurance company.  She has two beautiful daughters who keep her very busy and who LOVE trying new things.  Well LOVE might be strong but they appease Jenny by taste testing and branching out to new things.  Jenny believes she was born in the wrong time period.  She is happiest gardening, canning, processing deer, and raising chickens.  If she had the time she would have those big down home family cooked meals mid-afternoon.  She feels there is nothing better than taking vegetables you have grown and making a wonderful dish, or berries you have picked for a nice jam.  She appreciates family diners.  Wherever she goes she tries to find them because they work hard to make their meals from scratch and with love.  Jenny helps with deciphering Grandma’s recipes and developing content for the website.   The photo is of Jenny and Kristina at their Grandma’s in the early 70’s.  They have been collaborating and conspiring ever since.

Suzanne has an associates degree in Business Administration. She worked in banking for 15 years before becoming an assistant to a financial advisor in 2010. She is the mother to 3 busy boys and loves to attend all of their activities.  Suzanne helps with developing content along with updating and maintaining the website.  She is the primary point of contact for media and advertising contacts.




Wendy holds an AA in Business and is a licensed cosmetologist.  Wendy helps with developing content mostly for the beauty section but also helps with developing other sections of the website as well.