Grandma’s Beef and Noodles

This post is actually harder to do as the real way I make this is not a straightforward as our previous post for Grandma’s Chicken and Noodles.  And, I actually have No Idea if this is how She made Beef and Noodles – this is how I make it, but of course still using Grandma’s Never Fail Noodle recipe.

grandmasbeefandnoodlesFor this batch, a few days before I had roasted to medium rare a whole beef tenderloin which had been seasoned with salt and McCormick Steakhouse Seasoning.  We enjoyed a few cuts of steak out of that and I set aside the leftovers to make Beef and Noodles.  When I roasted the tenderloin, I saved all the lovin left in the roasting pan by reserving the drippings, essentially just deglazing the roasting pan with a bit of beef broth over my stovetop bridge burner.  Then, I diced up the leftover beef setting aside about 3 cups beef, put the beef along with the pan juices and the rest of the can of beef broth into a storage container and put it in the fridge (you could also put this in the freezer if you want to make it much later).  So, in with the beef leftovers there were enough juices to equal one can of beef broth.  Now I just happened to use tenderloin this time but I just use whatever I have so you could also use leftover rump roast or eye of round – whatever, you will just need 3 cups leftover beef that has been cooked to tender, not well done.

You will also need to have a batch of Grandma’s Never Fail Noodles ready to go.  But, if you can get through making the noodles, the rest of this is just so easy.  And, this photo doesn’t do it justice, because it just tastes so good.

Prepare in advance…..
Grandma’s Never Fail Noodles
In large stock pot add…..
3 cups diced medium rare roasted beef along with reserved pan juices
…..(remember the reserved juices you add should be equal to 1 can beef broth).  Open…..
1 can low sodium beef broth
…..and set aside 1/2 cup of the broth in a small liquid measuring cup.  Then add the remaining broth left in the can to the stockpot.  Then add another…..
1 can low sodium beef broth
.….to the stockpot.  (You are up to a total of 3 cans of broth between your reserved juice and the two cans you added to the pot minus the 1/2 cup of broth that has been set aside).  Bring this to a boil and add…..
1 batch Grandma’s Never Fail Noodles
Reduce heat but continue to boil for 10 minutes stirring occasionally so things do not stick to the bottom of the pan.  As noodles are cooking, to the 1/2 cup reserved broth you set aside earlier, add…..
1 package dry brown gravy mix
Combine well with a fork until dry mix is dissolved and add to the stockpot with the beef and noodles.  Stir the mixture as it thickens and cook for about 2-3 minutes.  Remove from heat, continue to stir occasionally and it will thicken more as it cools.  Serve as is in a bowl or over mashed potatoes.

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