I stumbled on Kiss Me wine years ago and just thought the name of the wine was so clever.  It’s a perfect way to inject a little humor along with a little romance into a relationship by giving a hint to someone that you would like to be kissed.  Just pull out that bottle of wine during dinner….. hand it to them with… the corkscrew – and well….. surely you can see on your own how far you can take this with your hinting…. and….. you can even pull off this level of hinting while there are kids in the room.  lol

I have a true passion in my own life for making a difference and making memories and Summerset Winery shares the same passions so, in hopes of helping someone out there send a signal of sizzle into their own love life we are partnering up for this giveaway just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Located just minutes outside of Des Moines, Iowa in Indianola, Summerset Winery produces award winning Iowa wine from locally grown, central Iowa grapes. While their wines are delicious and their grounds are picturesque, the most pleasing part of Summerset Winery is their staff, as whether you are experienced with the world of wine or a novice and afraid to look foolish, you’ll find that their friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you find an Iowa wine you’ll appreciate and enjoy.  The tasting room is open Tuesday-Sunday all year long and Mondays by appointment. Summerset Winery offers wine tastings and tours, and is the ideal location to host weddings, receptions, corporate events, private parties, and more.  They have a long list of awards, but they are most proud of their customers and ensuring their enjoyment of the Summerset experience.  And the Summerset experience is truly unique.

For those of you who are local or simply want to make a trip to Central Iowa you should know that Summerset hosts their own events throughout the year.  In fact, coming up is an event For Ladies Only.  This event is being held Saturday February 7, 2015 at 7:00 – 10:00 pm and is sure to be a night you won’t soon forget.  This event is guaranteed to be a fun, frolicking evening filled with frivolity and favors. Vendors will have various sundries on display including beauty products as well as adult themed products for you to purchase.  You’ll also not want to miss their Fabulously Flirty DANCERS. That’s right ladies…dancers.  Click here for more information and to register for their Wild Women on Wine event.

harvest1But if you don’t make it in for this ladies only event – or for you adventuresome guys out there – you will want to be sure to check out their other events from a chili cook off, to their Sunday tunes events that feature live music and of course wine, to their Valentine’s Ball and of course on to harvest where you can take part in their annual grape picking, stomping and of course drinking!  Click here to see a full list of their events.


Another unique offering at Summerset is The Inn.  Perfect for family reunions or for small weekend long wedding, The Inn offers accommodations for 14-18 guests along with an outdoor hot tub as well as a Tuscan garden and gazebo.  Click here for rental information.

Now what about all of you who are not so local well, there’s still something for you too!  Every year Summerset Adventure Tours takes a group of wine loving, adventure seeking individuals off the beaten paths of Europe.  This year they will be traveling to France.  Click here for information on their Adventure Tours.  And for everyone else you can enjoy getting to know Summerset Winery through their Case Club.  Click here for information on their Case Club.

SUMMERSER_Panorama.-1100-HEADERI love several of their wines but since three others are the stars of this giveaway show I want to mention that I like Vignoles, Harvest White and also Caba Moch.  Click here to see a complete list of their wines.  And now….on to the giveaway!

For this giveaway there will actually be three bottles of wine and three winners.  To enter to win you simply need to use the CONTACT US page to send us your name and mailing address along with the bottle of wine you would most like to win.  A winner will be drawn from the names of those who have a preference for each bottle – that way you can ensure you have a chance to win the wine you wish.  Here are your options…….

kiss-me-croppedKiss Me

Semi-Sweet White Wine. A fruity, delicate blend of sweet white grapes with hints of pink grapefruit, strawberries and tropical fruits.

Similar to: Sweet Riesling

Pairs well with: Dessert! Apple Pie, Caramelized desserts, Tropical Fruits and even Blue Cheese!

How we like to drink it: This flirtatious wine caresses the lips and titillates the tongue during consumption, so naturally we drink it as often as possible.





A delightful sparkling wine made from our Catawba grapes and hand-bottled by our wine goddess Carrie. Gold medal winner and Best Sparkling Wine at 2011 MidAmerican Wine Competition.

Similar to: Asti Spumante

Pairs well with: Dessert

How we like to drink it: We love bubbles! Festiva (Spanish for party) is great for celebrations – or breakfast with a splash of orange juice!




Ruby-La-Belle-croppedRuby LaBelle

Sweet Red Port-Style Wine. This luscious, bold Port-style wine is made from our Frontenac grapes and infused with our homemade brandy. The flavor will remind you of dark chocolate infused cherry.

Similar to: Port

Pairs well with: Cheese and fresh fruit, chocolate and desserts

How we like to drink it: A little glass before bed makes for sweet dreams! Careful, this has 20% alcohol!





We need to ensure there is plenty of time to mail out these wines so they arrive in time for Valentine’s Day so this giveaway opportunity is only open for a SHORT time.  Enter to win by Midnight, Sunday January 25, 2015 and winners will be notified by email on Monday, January 26.  The prizes will be promptly shipped out by Summerset Winery.  Be sure to enter to win!


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