Bridget’s Taco Salad

bridgetstacosalad1 copybridgetstacosalad2 copyWe married her into the family and she makes a great salad!  Bridget’s Taco Salad is an easy recipe for potlucks, family gatherings, to take camping or to the lake.  This has been a family favorite for years.  To keep it fresh, take all the ingredients with you then mix it all together fresh on site.  I do this by browning and seasoning the hamburger and putting in a ziplock bag.  You could also do the prep of of the other ingredients too and put them in ziplock bags or just leave them in their original packaging.  Put all the ingredients in the serving bowl you will be using to serve it in making for easy transport.  Another tip is to keep the crushed chips and the dressing separate of the salad.  This seems to work better and keep everything fresh in case of any leftovers.  But – you can also just mix it all together and serve it that way too.  To make the dressing requires no skill – just a sense of humor!  As whether you mix it in a separate container and then pour it back into the dressing bottle or try to pour the seasoning directly into the dressing bottle and just shaking to combine – well, it’s a bit of a challenge!  And yes you can mix it and put in separate container for easy transport as well but using original packaging is less waste even while being more comical to do!  This is a hit with all the men in our family.  Easy enough for the inexperienced to tackle!

Bridget’s Taco Salad
In skillet on stovetop brown…..
1 pound ground beef
drain and rinse.  Keeping the meat dry and adding no water, add one packet of your favorite…..
taco seasoning
1 head of iceburg lettuce, chopped
1 tomato, chopped
1-2 green onions, sliced
1 can dark red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
Combine all in bowl along with…..
1 8 ounce package Mexican blend shredded cheese
1 11 ounce bag of nacho cheese chips
Combine together…..
1 packet of taco seasoning
16 ounce bottle of Thousand Island salad dressing
Serve with the dressing and chips on the side or mix all together.  Easy!!


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