4th of July Mini Berry Pies

4thofjulyminiberrypiesI made these for the first time last year thinking these little red white and blue berry pies would be a hit for the kids who were coming to our 4th of July celebration – and of course they were.  These individual mini pies are SO EASY yet look very cute.  Couple that with being tasty too and you have a great little dessert.

4th of July Mini Berry Pies
4 cups strawberries
by washing, de-stemming and cutting into quarters.  Place prepared strawberries in large mixing bowl and then wash…..
2 cups blueberries
and place in mixing bowl with prepared strawberries.  Meanwhile fill a 1 cup Pyrex liquid measuring cup with…..
stepsminiberrypies copy2/3 cup water
and place in microwave for 4 minutes to boil the water.  As the water is heating combine in a 2 cup Pyrex liquid measuring cup…..
3/4 cup sugar
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
Pour the 2/3 cup water over the gelatin mixture and stir until dissolved.  Then whisk in…..
1/4 cup strawberry jam
stirring until well combined.  Then fill a 4 cup Pyrex liquid measuring cup with…..
1 cup ice
2 cups water
then place the 2 cup Pyrex liquid measuring cup in this “ice bath” until the gelatin mixture starts to thicken and cool being careful to not get any of the ice water in the gelatin mixture.  Mix the cooled gelatin mixture with the prepared berries in mixing bowl.  Stir to evenly coat all the berries.  Then fill…..
12 mini Graham Cracker pie crusts
evenly with the berry mixture.  Top with fresh homemade whipped cream (or with the next best alternative – Reddi wip – which is made with real cream).


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