Perfect Peanut Butter Pie

kristispeanutbutterpie copyHere is another great recipe from those Naughty Nurses (Naughty Nurses BBQ out of Winfield, KS).  Below is what Greg shared about this recipe…..

In Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) competitions, the entries are scored on 3 categories: appearance, taste and tenderness/texture. The highest score attainable is 180. Achieving that “perfect” score is a goal for many a cook and is recognized by KCBS by presenting the cook with a 180 pin.
kristispeanutbutterpieminis copykristi copyI found this recipe on a BBQ forum and it was called the “Perfect Peanut Butter Pie” because his wife had gotten a perfect score in dessert with it at a contest. It lived up to it’s name at the Smokin’ Red Dirt BBQ contest in Enid, Oklahoma in April by winning 1st place dessert with a perfect 180 score. Kristi proudly displays her trophy and 180 pin in our living room.  The first picture is a slice when made as a pie. At Enid we made them in miniature cheesecake pans to serve the 6 judges.

Perfect Peanut Butter Pie
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 (8oz) brick cream cheese
2 tsp vanilla (the real stuff please)
1 pint heavy cream (whipped to stiff peaks)
12 peanut butter cups, chopped
1 Oreo cookie crust
Extra whipped cream to serve on top.
Cream peanut butter and powdered sugar. Add the cream cheese and mix well.  Add the vanilla to the cream and whip to stiff peaks.  Fold in the whipped cream in to the peanut butter mixture in three additions.  Fold in the chopped peanut butter cups, just enough to combine.  Spoon mixture into the Oreo crust.  Cool until ready to serve. Top each slice with more whipped cream and a mini peanut butter cup.

I want to share that when my family saw this recipe from Kristi and Greg they said “You have to make that pie so we can try it!”  I made it and Oh My – (purr uuummm!) It Is Great!  When I went to the store they did not have a pre-made Oreo crust so I simply put 24 Oreos in my food processor then drizzled in 1/4 cup of melted unsalted butter.  I pressed that mixture in my pie dish and let it chill in the refrigerator until I was ready to make the pie.  I also bought those Reese’s Minis that are the UNWRAPPED mini cups.  I added 36 to the pie and then saved the rest of the bag for garnish.  This has made my family’s “Favorite Pie” list!  And, I have to say it has made mine too as this is an easy recipe to just remember and then make in a pinch for unexpected guests.  This is a great pie for summer – perfect for Father’s Day, the 4th or for a family reunion.  I wanted to share a picture of the one we made too but the only photo I could get was of an empty pie plate as it disappeared that fast!

Congratulations Kristi on your Big Win!  And – Thank You for sharing the recipe!!   – Sincerely,  Kristina

In case you missed our other recipes from the Naughty Nurses be sure to check out Tex Mex Meatloaf and Cottage Pie.  To have this WINNING BBQ Competition Team cater your next event check them out at Naughty Nurses BBQ  ( )  or call them at 620-229-8730.  And of course we will continue to feature Greg and Kristi so be sure to check back for more recipes from them! 

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