100_1347 copyOk – I have been making these for years and have always called them Kristinaritas.  After all I’m not sure why Margaret needs to get the credit for these.  Take whatever and make it your own.  If your name is Jenny – then call them Jennaritas!  If your name is Suzanne – then call them Suzannaritas!  If your name is Wendy – then call them Wendaritas!  What is this? – it is a traditional Margarita.  These are SO EASY.  Great for yourself or for dinner parties.  Make them for Cinco de Mayo every year or just for a fun anytime Mexican Fiesta!

Now – like our other adult beverage posts the rest of this post is for legal drinking age adults only.  If you are 21+ CLICK HERE and enter password YesIm21( it is case sensitive) to read the recipe.  We are required to do this…….you are required to be honest about your age!!

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