Easy Chicken Fajitas

100_1336 copyI am always o100_1337 copyn the lookout for something new to try in the kitchen – recipe or product.  So the first time I stumbled on this McCormick Grill Mates Mexican Fiesta Marinade was actually on a trip to Kansas City when I decided to veer off through Jamesport, MO.  I found this at an Amish Grocery Store.  I picked it up, tried it and just loved it.  But – then I was a bit dismayed because I couldn’t find it in any of my local stores or in any of the city grocery stores.  I began to wonder if it was just a trial product that was closed out but then months later I started seeing on the shelves.  I have been using this McCormick Grill Mates Mexican Fiesta Marinade ever since to make Chicken Fajitas.

100_1330 copy100_1328 copyWhen I make these I simply follow package directions and let the trimmed halved chicken breasts soak in the marinade all day.   Then I grill them, let them rest and then slice them into strips for the fajitas.  I typically cut up a color variety of sweet bell peppers along with some white onion and either grill that alongside the chicken in a grill basket designed to hold vegetables or sometimes just heat the pepper/onion mixture up in a skillet with a little bit of oil added on the stovetop while the chicken is resting.

100_1332 copy100_1334 copyA long time ago a guy who worked in a Mexican restaurant told me that the best way to fill flour and corn soft shells is to layer the lettuce first – followed by the cheese – and then your meat toppings.  Doing so prevents the juices from the meat soaking right away into the shell causing it to fall apart.  I have been making my soft shell tacos in that layered combination ever since.  So, if you are not doing that and suffering through soggy shells – give that layering idea a try!

We have our Chicken Fajitas served here alongside Refried BLACK beans that have been seasoned with salt, pepper, lime juice and cilantro as well as a scoop of guacamole (made with McCormick Guacamole Mix) and a few chips.  It makes a great – fast – easy – healthy meal.


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  1. Angie Rogers says

    That is what I use for Chicken Fajitas. I am so upset because they have discontinued the product. I am currently looking for replacement.