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In Chained To Your Desk – Work Where You Live I wrote about a survey that outlined the 10 business tools predicted to be extinct by 2017.  Since I had not been using most of these “dinosaurs” since 2008, I decided to put a spotlight on a couple that were listed and tell you how you can get rid of them in your business.  Doing so will save you time and money.  I already devoted a post to How To Use Magicjack At The Office and At Home as a way to replace a desk phone.  Today I want to outline why it might make good business sense to get rid of your fax machine.

I have been using MyFax in my business since 2008.  MyFax is a cloud based fax solution that you pay a monthly fee to use.  In a nutshell, you are provided a toll free number.  When a fax comes in, it comes as a pdf attachment by email rather than to a machine on loose paper.  Since there is a modest monthly fee, one has to determine if it makes good business sense to incur that monthly cost versus the cost of owning and operating a fax machine with a dedicated phone line, paper, toner and maintenance.

As I work with clients, one of the first things I have to do is gain a sense for is how they operate.  From there I can suggest solutions that will make them more efficient and save them money.  One size does not fit all.  I always find that each client needs a different set of solutions.

So who would not benefit from MyFax.  Well, if you are a one person shop then very likely continuing to use your existing fax machine makes the most sense.  Then you would just evaluate using MyFax as a solution when your fax machine breaks down and needs to be replaced.

But, let’s take this one step further as, for the most part, I am a one person shop and yet I use MyFax.  The reason MyFax makes sense in my business is because very often I work on the run.  Also, I work in collaboration with many people on various projects all at once.  So in my case, MyFax makes running my business more efficient as I can see the faxes while on the run and, when they come in I can easily save them to the appropriate set of client files or forward them on to those who are collaborating with me on projects.  That cannot be done with a fax machine that cranks out paper back at my office.

So which businesses have I found to really benefit from implementing MyFax right away?  Dealerships, design firms, banks, law firms, construction companies, investment firms, insurance offices, medical offices, schools, etc.  Any business that receives faxes which need to be distributed among several different people or departments would benefit from using MyFax.  Any business that does most of their work outside the office.  Any business that requires signing contracts.  To implement you just set it to send the emails to a designated person in the office and as the “faxes” come in the point person emails them on to the appropriate person or department.  Or, if you are on the run then very likely you are getting emails through a smartphone already so now you will also get your faxes.

Ok, so, one last tip that will help you get even more out of your faxing solution.  My office is a shared resource office space, in that there are several businesses operating out of the same building.  We share the resources of the copy machine, conference room, etc.  There is a fax machine in the office and I do use that fax machine.  Here is how and why.  After I have been in meetings with clients, I often arrive back at the office with papers they have given to me during the meetings.  I use the fax machine to send those papers to myself – faxing to my MyFax.  The documents come to me as a pdf by email.  Then I shred the papers.

To learn more about MyFax there is a logo link below.  You can’t pick this up in the store – you have to sign up for it online.  If you have questions – post in the comments and I will answer there for everyone’s benefit.  As always – I hope this was helpful!   Kristina - Faxing Simplified



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