Best of Thanksgiving Casserole

I always make a 20-24 pound turkey just so I will have plenty to make our favorite leftover dishes.  Depending on when you made your Thanksgiving Dinner this weekend you might still be wondering what to do with those leftovers.  Here are a few ideas……………….

Best of Thanksgiving Casserole
Line bottom of baking dish with leftover turkey and top with leftover gravy.  Layer with leftover homemade dressing topped with leftover mashed potatoes.  Thinly slice a Tablespoon of butter and dot over casserole.  Reheat in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes or until heated through.  Serve hot.

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You could also easily take Jenny’s White Chicken Chili and use leftover turkey.
You could also take the Easy Tetrazzini recipe and make that with leftover turkey rather than canned chicken.

If I would have been thinking ahead I would have posted my method for cooking Thanksgiving Turkey and for making Thanksgiving Gravy – it is amazingly easy and flavorful.  I should have also posted Grandmas Sage Dressing and my Pumpkin Pie recipe – oh well.  I will work to get organized and perhaps we can look forward to those being posted next year!  And yes!  We enjoyed Kristina’s Frozen Corn as a side dish.  So good!

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