Suzanne’s Pizza Casserole

Once again I am so glad I have a collaborative website as October is my busiest month of the whole year. Most often I do not even know where I am until I am there – it is that crazy!  My kids have been fending for themselves these last two weeks and that is not a bad thing as just makes them appreciate it more when I get back in the kitchen.  So – my sister Suzanne sent me her Pizza Casserole to share with all of you.  I’m not sure what it is about men but they seem to like these “hot dish” meals – which is great for us gals because they all come together so fast and easy!  I have not made this before but I am going to throw this together for my kids to put in the oven as my consulting chaos continues again this week.  I am guessing they will be glad I thought to do this instead of relying on the fact that they can easily make themselves cereal for dinner. 😉

2 cups meat of preference – whatever you like on pizza.  Here she uses 1 c browned and drained ground beef along with 1 c packaged pepperoni.





1 15 oz jar pizza sauce – whatever kind you prefer (I like Gino’s and Green Mill both of which can be kind of hard to find)





1 c cheese – whatever kind you prefer – here she uses cheddar with a bit of parmesan – mix that in with the meat and sauce.





13.25 oz box pasta – whatever kind of pasta you like.  Here she uses rotini cooked al dente (almost done) and drained.  Stir in pasta to combine with meat and sauce.





Top with 1 c cheese of choice.  Here she uses mozzarella.





Bake at 350 degrees until hot and bubbly! About 30 minutes.





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