Personal Characteristics Needed To Be in Business For Yourself

In Part 1 we covered Common Misconceptions About Being In Business For Yourself.  Now we will outline the personal characteristics needed to be in business for yourself

You must be of sound health, physically and mentally.  You need to be physically capable of doing what you need to do in your business.  In fact I would say you need to be in better health than you have maybe ever been in your life.  You must be mentally tough and able to work under pressure.  No matter what comes up in your life – whether a challenging work or difficult personal issue, you need to be able to stay focused on your business.

You need the ability to work alone and with people.  You must be self motivated to work on your own most of the time.  Not everyone possesses the ability to work without oversight.  For some it might be very easy to become lazy, watch too much television or sleep in. Even though you may have nobody to answer to, you have to have the character to ensure you work and put in the required amount of hours. Lastly, you need to be able to get along with a variety of people from across all walks of life, from the CEO to the Custodian.

You must be disciplined and flexible. You need to be able to plan your work and work your plan.  You must not be bothered by interruptions and must be able to get right back to your plan after handling the interruption.  This is demonstrated in my How to Use Magicjack At the Office and At Home video where I get a call coming in but just quickly handled it and went right back to finishing up what I was doing with the video knowing I could just return the call when I was done.

You must have knowledge of the business you plan to start and nearly all of the skills needed to not just BE in business doing what you have chosen to do but also have the skills needed to RUN the business.  There is a big difference.  For most who experience difficulty by being in business, it comes in that they know what to do to BE in business but they do not know enough about how to RUN the business.  Running the business involves the legal, tax, finance, insurance, employee management, etc.  I covered a run your business issue in my post about Health and Other Insurance Solution.  So where you do not have the skills or knowledge you must have the willingness to learn what is needed.

Not only do you need the skills and knowledge needed for your business but you need a passion for it too. You can learn business skills and you can acquire more detailed knowledge about the field, but if you do not have a passion, it will be difficult and challenging.  No business startup goes smoothly, no matter how well you prepare and plan in advance, and there will be tough times ahead. However a passion for your business can carry you through.

You must accept feast and famine.  There will be times when you only earn a small amount of money but in other months you should earn quite a lot. If you prefer to know exactly what your income will be each month you will likely struggle at being in business for yourself.

You must be able to learn from your mistakes – quickly. We all make mistakes which is fine and natural. There is not enough time to beat yourself up over these errors.  You need to learn from them and then move on.

You must have a positive attitude. There will be periods when business is slow, this is where you may start to think in a negative way. This can lead being stressed or even depressed. Working harder to attract more work is the only way to react in this situation.  That is hard to do without a positive attitude.

Lastly and most importantly, you must believe in yourself.  If you have an inner belief and self confidence that you will make the business succeed, then you will have a great chance to make it work.


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