How To Use Magicjack At the Office and At Home – Video

In “Chained to a Desk Work Where You Live” I covered the 10 business technologies and trends predicted to be extinct by 2017 as reported by a LinkedIn survey, along with how to get rid of them in your office by the end of 2012.  Doing so will save you money and give you greater flexibility.

One of technologies in that survey and in my post refers to Desk Phones.  In the post I mentioned I have been using Magicjack since 2008.  Below is a link to a video where I talk about how I use Magicjack in my business, I demonstrate how it works and why it works for me.  Check it out and then below is just a bit more information to consider.

Now I know many freelancers and consultants can get by with just a cell phone.  This really applies to those business owners or aspiring business owners who need a business phone number and for which a business phone is critical to running their business.  And there are other technologies out there – I am simply showcasing what has proven to work well for me.

A few things I failed to mention in the video that I want to be sure you know…….

  1.  You do not have to worry about losing your business number as you can switch and keep your number.
  2. On voicemails coming to email.  This is also great for the days I am on run in the car.  How it works during these times is…… since the voicemails come to email – I can easily sort emails on my phone to show me all the “emails” that have come in from Magicjack (which have the voicemail attached) – then listen to them when I am stopped in the car – and call everyone back.  This eliminates the step of needing to dial into a voicemail system and retrieve my messages.  Too – Magicjack makes this easy as once I listen to the message, for most calls, the phone number is right there in the email so there is no need to even write anything down.  I can just click the phone number from my cell phone and return the call.
  3. I know many people need a landline for various reasons.  For example I know in some businesses you might be using your business landline to support processing of credit cards (although in a future post I will showcase how you can make a money saving change where you switch out your phone to Magicjack and still process your credit card payment so stay tuned!).

Now I know many people are adverse to change.  I just happen to have the type of personality that isn’t afraid to try new things – that being said I don’t just change for the sake of making change – I am cautious because my solutions have to work and prove themselves to me before I start suggesting them to clients.  I am confident though that if you regularly tune in for our Home Office Tips and Technology posts – (and if you can be brave through change) – you will stumble on something that will help you save or make more money in your business…………………………

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And in case you were wondering I was completely by myself when I recorded this video and YES – that was a real call that came in!  Good thing for video editing as I about jumped out of my seat as I went to set the phone down and it started ringing.  And – I called them back right after I finished filming…………….(grin).


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