Chained to a desk? Work Where You Live

So Thursday I was traveling between several client meetings in the city and all over the radio was news of this article, “The Cubicle Dinosaurs:  Tape Recorders and Fax Machines Top LinkedIn’s List of Office Endangered Species released September 25, 2012 by the LinkedIn Press Center.  According the article, 7000 people surveyed said that 10 different office technologies or trends would disappear by 2017.  Since I haven’t been using many of these at my desk since 2008 I guess I was surprised to see they are even still around at all.  So since this site is devoted to work life balance and since I am a business consultant devoted to helping clients maximize revenue and reduce expenses – well, I felt compelled to share how you can get rid of these things and your desk by the end of the year.  In so doing you will save yourself time and money and get you on your way to living a more balanced lifestyle.

Tape recorders – Ok.  I don’t even have to go back to 2008 for this one.  I am pretty sure I haven’t used a tape recorder since the 80’s.  If you are still using a tape recorder I am worried about what you must be wearing to work every day.

Fax machines – I have not used a fax machine since 2008.  I don’t have to maintain paper or toner.  I will tell you how I do this in a technology post that will be coming soon!

The Rolodex – Seriously?  With Outlook and Smartphones people are still using those?

Standard working hours – Well even when I was working in the corporate world I can’t say I kept standard working hours.  But since starting my business in 2004 I can say that I have never worked standard working hours. In fact people will sometimes say to me – “Gee, you are lucky to work for yourself” and they are really implying that I do not work at all.  So I quickly say to them, “Yes, it is great.  I get to work half days.”  Although that is not half of an 8 hour workday but rather half of a 24 hour day.

Desk phones – Now with cell phones this one is surprising and yet I am a business owner who runs a consulting practice so I understand why you need a business line and a phone but here again I have not used a “desk phone” since 2008.  I have a “desk phone” and clients have a phone number that likely seems to them as if it rings to a desk – but it doesn’t.  Instead, I have a nifty little phone that looks just like a standard desk phone.  I love this phone because it is actually more comfortable to use than a cell phone.  But it doesn’t attach to a wall – it attached to my laptop and rings through my laptop.  The great thing is that I can take my “desk phone” with me wherever I am working whether that be at a client site or back at the office.  I can also pass it off and attach it to the laptop of the person who assists me in my office.  It works anywhere and at any desk.  I am going to devote a whole post to this topic because this is another one that saves you both time and money so you should not wait to change.  For those of you who want to switch now – click the logo below and order a Magicjack.

I will do a video very soon to show just how easy it is to use a Magicjack and why it makes perfect sense for small businesses particularly consultants, attorneys, freelance design professionals – anyone really who needs to still have an “office phone” but whose clients have them on the run.  Business aside, this is a great gadget to replace your home phone too if you still have one of those.  It works and it will save you money whether you use it for work or home.  Again I will do a video post showing you exactly how I use mine so – check back!!

Desktop computers – Here again I have been using laptops since before 2008 and now also use an IPad.  Dump the desktop.

Formal business attire – Hum.  Now some days I wear jeans or business casual but there are times when business calls for a business suit.  So I guess you could say I have abandoned formal business attire somewhat but I would be in the camp that is skeptical it will ever completely be gone.  I hope not anyway as I really don’t want to think of the day that I go into certain businesses and see everyone wearing jeans.  For me when I am dressed up for business – swagger – and when I am not – well, not so much swagger.  So being the contrarian I tend to be – I’ll keep my suits and keep wearing them – even if everyone else is in jeans.

The corner office for managers – Well as a business consultant that works across several different industries this is funny to me.  I suspect some of my clients view me as “manager” level and yet I have worked side by side with them in some pretty dismal locations.  Nothing like Dirty Jobs or anything but sometimes taking care of business means rolling up your sleeves not sitting pretty in the corner office.

Cubicle – I dread thinking back on the days when I worked in a cubicle.  Part of this site is devoted to aspiring business owners or those who are already in business for themselves and want to gain some efficiency.  I feel sorry for a cubicle dweller and hope that corporate American makes those extinct soon.  But if you are stuck in a cubicle and trying to make your own escape – then stay tuned to this site as we will be doing what we can to help you make it out!

USB thumb drives – I don’t use these either.  I have been on the “cloud” since 2008 and thankfully more and more of my clients are inching their way toward the “cloud” with me.  As they have migrated it has lessened my need for USB drives.

People – seriously – today is no longer about needing to live where you work.  You can work where you live.  Think about that.  Right now if you are chained to a cubicle working with the office dinosaurs outlined here that means you have to live close to where you work.  But I am hoping lights are flashing – bells are ringing – and “Ah Ha” moments are being had.  Today you can pick where you want to live or be and work from there.  But to do that you are going to have to embrace technology, break free from the cubicle and perhaps even confront some of your personal fears.  I work – where ever I am – which is most often where my clients are.  If you would like to work that way then keep checking in with this website.  No matter your dream – you can do it.  We are going to be showing you how.

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