Hotel Review: hotelVetro and Sheraton Iowa City, IA

Ok so work had me on the road again recently.  This trip had me hosting a client event in Iowa City at the hotelVetro and Sheraton Iowa City Hotel.  So here is how it all came together…….



Sheraton Iowa City

Elegant.  Sophisticated. Contemporary.  Those are the words that describe the hotelVetro.  If your mind is already wandering to the word “pricey” abandon all thoughts as the hotelVetro has been recognized more than once as being the best value hotel stay in Iowa City.  The hotelVetro is recognized for their the modern architectural design and upscale décor.  They are best known perhaps for being the “greenest hotel” in Iowa City and for their amazing Roof Garden that overlooks the Iowa City Cultural District.

The Iowa City Cultural District pulls elements from many different styles, blending historic with new age all together into one cohesive comfortable cosmos.  Set against the backdrop of the University of Iowa, the area has an energetic upbeat mood where you see young and old interacting seamlessly and taking in all the shops and dining the district has to offer.  Swing now to the companion property Sheraton Iowa City Hotel and you are in a comfortable setting one would expect from the Sheraton brand of hotels.  Clean.  Modern.  Functional.  Both properties provide ample meeting and events space coupled with all the expected amenities.

hotelVetro Midori King Suite

Sheraton Two Queen

While I was there for work it was easy to see that this was the place to be if coming to town for personal reasons.  No matter what you are planning to do in Iowa city from the University of Iowa football games to the Jazzfestival or Riverfest these two properties are at the center of it all.  I spent the majority of my time during this stay in the Sheraton but did venture over to the hotelVetro at one point in order see the meeting space and rooms.

On arrival I took care of business with my catering manager and finalized the last details for my event.  I arrived at lunchtime so discussed a budget with her and asked that she send me whatever she wanted from the menu in that price range.  She was unsure she would be able to please my tastes I assured her I was not picky.

Crab Cake with Spicy Aioli

Club Sandwich

The rooms were clean and predictably appointed with standard furnishings.  I looked through the room service menu wondering what might be on the way while getting all my equipment setup so I could get work done.  Room service arrived a short time later and much to my delight she sent the very thing I probably would have ordered for myself.  The Crab Cakes.  She also sent a Club Sandwich with fresh fruit.

In the evening I hosted a reception for my group.  On the menu were Antipasto Skewers, Beef Tenderloin with Maytag Bleu Cheese Canapes, Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu, Petite Crab Cakes with Spicy Aioli and Fresh from the Oven Fudge Brownies.

Thank you!

It had been a long day and and as I headed back to my room I knew there was a lot of work still ahead of me.  When I arrived back at my room I found a room service attendant with cart right in front of my door.  She had this for me……………….

I never stay at all or long at the social part of my client events.  Typically I am just out of energy or have a lot of work to do for other clients.  Thankfully a special someone made arrangements to have this treat waiting for me to enjoy on my own!  (wink).

So, as always when working these events the morning had me up very early as I want to be sure everything is as it should be for the meeting rooms and setup.  I was wide awake as I walked through the quiet halls of the hotel around 6:30am.  No one was around so I rode the elevator down to the basement floor alone.  Well imagine my surprise when the doors open to VERY loud marching band music and a sea of black and gold!  The Hawkeyes were hosting an EARLY morning pep rally in the basement of the hotel and iiittt wwwaaasss PACKED.  As I waded my way through the crowd I noticed everyone was all smiles.  I couldn’t believe the energy and excitement for being so early in the morning.  So I make it to my meeting room and hurry in only to find a half naked man hustling his way into a Herky mascot suit!  So I basically dove out the door back into the crowd. Luckily the hotel staff tending the event that morning rescued me.  He quickly assured me all of the commotion would be over by the time my attendees started arriving.  Amazing is all I can say for how quickly they were able to tidy everything up!  And he was right – by the time my guests started arriving none of them would have known what had been going on just moments before they arrived.

My event was uneventful – which is really what you want it to be.  The client and their attendees were pleased.

I wasn’t seeking out a lot of fun and games on this trip so the fav’s all center on the food.  The crab cakes – outstanding!  And that isn’t just coming from me.  I had selected those for the evening hospitality event and everyone at the event commented on the crab cakes too.  We all summed them up as CRAB cakes not crab CAKES.  After all some crab cakes are dead with bread.  These are not!  Amazing.  And the Spicy Aioli – just the right amount of spice.  In my room they were served alongside a slaw.  I asked for the slaw recipe.  The chef confirmed many of the ingredients I suspected were in the slaw but was reluctant to share the secrets.  The secret is safe with me!  My compliments to the Chef!  I also need to mention that Club Sandwich.  It had all the standards of a traditional club sandwich but with something very special added.  Avocado!  It was so good.  I love avocado.  You know it is very healthy for you.  At home I toss it in salads and of course make guacamole but now – I will be slicing it onto some of my sandwiches!

Another fav – the bed at the Sheraton.  For my preferences – it was perfectly plush!

And of course my nightcap cart was another fav!

The hotelVetro and companion property Sheraton Iowa City are perfect if you want to be in the heart of the action for all that takes place in Iowa City.  They are both great for meetings or weddings – family fun or romantic getaways!

Clean, modern, upscale accommodations.  Trendy full of life district with lots to see and do.  Excellent service, great food, expected amenities.  Everything one would expect.

Their websites outline accommodations, amenities, meeting/event space and dining options.  You can check availability and reserve a room right from the websites.

hotelVetro: studio suites & convention center | | 201 South Linn Street, Iowa City, Iowa 52240 | 800.592.0355

Sheraton Iowa City Hotel | 210 S Dubuque Stret, Iowa City, IA 52240 | 319.337.4058


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