Health and Other Insurance Solution

Stuck on COBRA?  Starting a business?  Change of life situation has you looking at insurance?

As I took the initial steps to become self employed and launch my business in 2004, I knew one of the first things I needed to address was how to cover all those employer benefits I would be leaving behind.  Too, leaving the comfort of a steady paycheck only made the task of managing costs of health and other insurance even more daunting.  As well, I knew I didn’t want to be on COBRA as I had been on that at one point after losing a job and knew how expensive that would be.

Well after plenty of research and a lot of phone calls – I got lucky.  And if you are struggling in any way with insurance and have found your way through the Internet Maze to this page then – you may have just gotten lucky too.  And even though I am in the Midwest my solution would work for nearly everyone across the country.

Everyone knows that in 2008 the economy started to take a slide backward.  Backward in that wages and bill rates were shrinking while expenses were increasing.  The expense that was increasing the most for me was health insurance.

Being a business owner I knew there were two things I needed to do quickly…..

Generate more revenue.  By generating more revenue I knew I was not going to be able to increase my bill rates to clients as they were all feeling the pinch too.  I was going to have to go out and secure more business for myself in order to bring in more money.  So, I would need to take on another client or two and work more hours.  Knowing how hard that is to do I quickly I moved on to number two…..

Cut expenses.  As a business owner and a homemaker I run things the same.  There are no frills.  Everything I have – I need.  So it wasn’t going to be an option in my business to get rid of the phone, the fax or my internet service just so I could pay for the increase in the cost of health care.  So, I set out to see where I could trim a little bit off each of those expenses while still keeping the core service intact.  And while my perception is that I would not be able to cut my health insurance costs I didn’t leave that out.  I began checking around to see if I could find something more affordable for health insurance too.

As I started down the path of trying to find a new solution for insurance what I found is that most companies offered only one carrier option.  Well, I pressed on through a few dead ends and fought past quite a bit of frustration along the way to finding a real solution.  This solution has made my life so much better that I wanted to make everyone who might be struggling aware of the solution too.  I have shared this solution with clients who have also been pleased.

The resource I found is a truly independent insurance agency.  What this means is that they complete a detailed analysis of your situation and then they bring you options.  Not just one option, but a few options from different carriers.  I found this was very different from the other insurance companies I contacted who were only representing ONE insurance carrier.

How does their approach benefit you?  Whether you are a person who prefers a comprehensive health insurance plan that provides for annual checkups and preventive care or just catastrophic coverage, they will help you determine the best option for you.  Being a consultant myself – I appreciated their consultative approach to doing business.

How do they handle service?  Since securing my health insurance years ago, I have seen three premium increases.  Each time I was notified of an increase by my carrier, the company called me to talk through the rates and re-evaluate if my current coverage was still the best option for my family.  In the past, I felt like my insurance agent disappeared after I bought insurance – but they have always been there.  After a good experience in redoing my health insurance, I set up dental, life and disability insurance.

Want to learn more?  Just click the GBL logo below to be redirected to a free access online resource full of information so you can do your own research and gain your own comfort level before you even talk to anyone.  In this online resource you will find information on…..

  • under-65 individual and family health insurance
  • health savings accounts (HSAs)
  • dental insurance
  • Medicare supplement plans
  • prescription drug plans
  • discount programs for vision
  • long and short-term disability plans
  • life insurance
  • catastrophic medical insurance
  • assistance on HIP-Iowa
  • among other things such as wellness


Just in case you are still on the fence I guess I want to share that I achieved my goal to cut expenses.  While results obviously would vary due to individual needs and circumstances as well as due to the type of coverage selected – I was able to get mirror image full coverage health benefits for $150 less per month.   And, in the event an online experience is NOT your thing, you can call Mike Williams.  He can be reached at 515-251-1566 or 800-640-7382 x440 for a no-obligation quote.  Just be sure to mention Kristina sent you.  And be sure to let me know if your experience is different than what I described.


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