Appetizers, Snacks, Beverages
Buffalo Chicken Dip – this is courtesy of Anderson Erickson Dairy and is a great dip for parties.
Caprese Kabobsan easy appetizer twist from the classic Insalata Caprese.
Sun Dried Tomato Cheese Dip – A great dip courtesy of Anderson Erickson Dairy.

Suzanne’s Party Mix – the traditional party mix recipe

Adult Beverage 2 – try this winter favorite as a way to ward off or alleviate flu symptoms!
Jenny’s Cappuccino Mix – perfect to have on hand for yourself or to make up as gifts.

Soups, Salads, Sandwiches
Crab Chowder – a simple cold weather chowder perfect with a side of Saltine crackers.
Italian Wedding Soup – An easy weeknight soup.
Taco Soup   a taco twist on chili – two different recipes are provided in this post
Suzanne’s Turkey Tortilla Soup – a great soup for leftover turkey
Jenny’s White Chicken Chili– a great soup for fall.


Kristina’s Steak Sandwich - a flat iron steak makes for the perfect sandwich!
Pulled Pork Sandwiches  so easy – great for working Moms or guys to make.
Skinny Macs   a fast easy slimmed down version of the classic McDonald’s Big Mac
Sugar and Spice Sliders  a sweet and spicy twist on traditional loose meat sandwiches.

Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Eggs
Skillet Steak Special – easy quick steak and potatoes dish!  (Getting likes and repins on Pinterest!)

Easy Chicken Marsala  easy elegant dinner

Simple Salmon – an easy healthy dinner just right for two.


Side Dishes
Boy’s Beans  so easy – great healthy baked bean recipe – hearty enough to be a meal!
Jenny’s Jacked Potatoes – Jenny’s jacked up version of my easy scalloped potatos. (Top Pinterest repin!)

Casseroles, Pasta, Pizza, Crockpot
Best of Thanksgiving Casserole – takes everything that is leftover from the feast and puts it in a casserole
Suzanne’s Chicken Casserole – an easy hot dish meal that is a hit with men.
Easy Enchiladas – an easy casserole saving the work and mess of making authentic style beef enchiladas
Suzanne’s Pizza Casserole – a fast easy casserole twist on pizza.
Easy Tetrazzini – an easy twist for chicken tetrazzini
Kristina’s Classic Turkey Tetrazzini – the classic tetrazzini – perfect for leftover turkey

Linguine with Clam Sauce – a healthy easy dinner just right for two.

Suzanne’s Pizza Bread – just enough of a twist on pizza to be something different for dinner – easier too!
BBQ Turkey Pizza – another dinner made from leftover Thanksgiving turkey.
MEATZZAa low carb pizza that is being repinned all over Pinterest!

Easy Crockpot Chicken Tortillas – Suzanne says this crockpot meal is a hit with the men at her house.
Suzane’s Crockpot Chicken Tacos - an easy Chicken Taco (different than the Chicken Tortillas)
Suzanne’s Crockpot Roast – perfect meat & potatoes dish and ready when you get home.
Aunt Kathy’s Easy Crockpot Spaghetti – this is a great meal for those busy days or to take to a potluck! 

Dressings, Gravies, Sauces

Kristina’s Tomato Gravy  very simple – a quick economical old Midwest comfort food


English Muffin Bread - an easy homemade loaf!
Green Chili Cheddar Cornbread – The key ingredient is buttermilk.  Very good with chili or taco soup!
Jessica’s French Toast   featuring cinnamon swirl bread this is a quick easy recipe just enough for one.
Jan’s Pumpkin Chip Muffins – a great recipe for fall baking.
Kings Cake – Monkey Bread - the classic Midwest Monkey Bread served up as Kings Cake. (Pinterest hit!)

Cakes, Candies, Cookies, Desserts, Pies
Apple Snack Cake  a quick easy snack cake made simple by using applesauce
Italian Cream Cake. – an excellent snack cake from the American Gothic Cookbook

Mom’s Peanut Clusters – a family favorite and great holiday candy
Mint Snowmen – a great recipe for kid’s to make on their own
Peppermint Bark – a VERY easy recipe that is so good.
Pretzel M&M Peppermints – an easy sweet and salty treat to make
Salted Nut Rolls – an easy recipe for this classic candy bar

Cake Mix Chocolate Crinkle Cookies – a cake mix makes this classic cookie come together fast and easy.
Charlie’s Chocolate Cookies – an easy NO BAKE cookie.
Chocolate Polka Dot Cookies – a unique looking chocolate chocolate chip cookie.  For chocolate lovers!
Lemon Gems – an EASY lemon cookie – described as “refreshing” and “like eating sunshine”
Easy Monster Cookies – an easy version for monster cookies.
Kristina’s Monster Cookies   peanut butter and oats (no added fat or flour) with pops of chocolate.
Oatmeal Scotchies – instead of oatmeal raisin or oatmeal chocolate chip try these with butterscotch!
Orange Slices Candy Cookies – uses up orange slices candy leftover from making Cranberry Orange Jam
Kristina’s Peanut Butter Cookies   a simple set of ingredients with no additional fat and very little flour
Suzanne’s Sugar Cookies – a great sugar cookie for Valentines, Easter or Christmas

Low Carb Cheesecake – you could also make this with real sugar.  An elegant no fail cheesecake!
Chocolate Greek Yogurt Mousse – Uses Greek Yogurt (higher protein/lower sugar) for a healthy dessert!
Ho Ho’s – for those of you who are upset over this classic here is an easy homemade version!

Aunt Kathy’s Chocolate Cream Pie a great holiday pie that is a kid favorite.

Canning, Freezing, Preserving
Grandma’s Cranberry Orange Jam candy orange slices are the secret to this easy jam – Top 2012 recipe

Kristina’s Frozen Corn   absolutely the best method for freezing sweet corn.


Bronco Bob’s Roasted Mango Chipotle Sauce
Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Sweet Cream Flavor
Adult Beverage 1
Cinnamon Swirl Bread (with Recipes!)
Ghirardelli Premium Chocolates
Guacamole Mixes
Ghirardelli Romantic Flavors Chocolates
Simply Snackin Gourmet Meat Snacks