More Common Cents from John Norris


Here is another great newsletter from John Norris that provides a different look at the weekly Wage and Salary report and how that translates out into what is really going on with our economy. January 18, 2013 Common Cents         Check out our Recipes for Main Dishes, Cookies and Desserts and Side […]

Common Cents with John Norris


Bear with me people but I am an accountant at the core of my being so I like business and financial topics.  One of the things I have been told throughout my career is that I have a knack for explaining financial and business concepts in such a way that most “non-accountants” can understand.  Good […]

Health and Other Insurance Solution

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Stuck on COBRA?  Starting a business?  Change of life situation has you looking at insurance? As I took the initial steps to become self employed and launch my business in 2004, I knew one of the first things I needed to address was how to cover all those employer benefits I would be leaving behind.  […]