Guest Post – Longing For A Perfect World

Earlier this year I posted Baseball, American Girl Doll, Gothic House and Chevrolet which included a bit about a trip the kids and I took to the American Gothic House Center.  I receive the electronic newsletter they send out and wanted to share this guest post from Brian Chambers, Media Coordinator and Holly Berg, Administrator […]

Cartoon – Wearing Underwear

Should kids be allowed to wear just their underwear to school?  I don’t think so.  Watch it through YouTube or through GoAnimate. Wearing Underwear by kristinashouse on GoAnimate Animated Presentations – Powered by GoAnimate.     Check out our Recipes for Main Dishes, Cookies and Desserts and Side Dishes – so many you have to […]

The Best of Landscape Architecture

By far the most interesting aspect of my business is getting to work with so many outstanding, talented professionals.  In this post I wanted to put a spotlight on a group whose talents I really admire.  They make the outdoors beautiful, functional and peaceful.  These are the recent award winners recognized by the American Society […]

How To Make Potholders

This is a great craft that teaches kids the value of making gifts to give. Check out Jessica’s video on how to make potholders and then click the link below to get a set for your kids to make and give as gifts. Doing so gives a gift to yourself as it keeps them busy […]

How To Have A Well Stocked Pantry

When you have to get food on the table fast, a well stocked pantry is key.  Being well stocked saves making extra trips to the store.  These pantry basics are referred to as kitchen staples and are the items you should always have on hand.  This is a starting grocery list where you can add […]

Taste Test – Ghirardelli Premium Chocolates

In a few of our posts I have mentioned that I am a huge fan of Ghirardelli and have used their chocolate products for years.  They have won numerous taste tests and have certainly passed my taste test.  Well, Ghirardelli – as a thank you for mentioning them on the site – sent me a […]

Connie the Cleaning Lady – Bon Ami

In our first post that introduced you to Connie the Cleaning Lady we provided you with a list of cleaning products Connie uses.  Today we are going to put a spotlight on one of those products – Bon Ami (I was saying it as Bon AmEE – Connie said she thinks it is Bon AmII […]

Baking Tips for Cookies, Pies and Cakes

With holiday baking right around the corner, Suzanne thought it would be good to share some baking tips for cookies, pies and cakes. Cookies: Many cookies, especially those that include butter, are best refrigerated for 30 minutes prior to handling or baking.  Doing so keeps the dough from sticking and also helps the cookie hold […]

How to Make Thinning Hair Lush and Thick (For Women or Men)

As a follow up to our Instant Eyelift post where we talked about thinning eyebrows, Wendy and I thought it might be helpful to share some tips on how to make thinning hair lush and thick. Seems everyone – women and men – whether thinning or not, want lush, thick, healthy hair to set off […]

Beauty Product Purge!

Hey everybody – Wendy here.  Have you ever wondered if your beauty products ever expire? The answer is if course they do, but how do you really know? Well, if you look on the back of your hairspray bottle usually down below you will see a little container that looks open and has numbers. This […]