Beauty Product Review: Sally Hansen Salon Nail Gels

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Our policy has been that if we don’t have anything nice to say then we just don’t say anything at all.  We have been rethinking that approach as perhaps there is something valuable in sharing an honest assessment that does not turn out that well.  After all it could save someone from trying something they […]

How to Make Thinning Hair Lush and Thick (For Women or Men)


As a follow up to our Instant Eyelift post where we talked about thinning eyebrows, Wendy and I thought it might be helpful to share some tips on how to make thinning hair lush and thick. Seems everyone – women and men – whether thinning or not, want lush, thick, healthy hair to set off […]

Beauty Product Purge!


Hey everybody – Wendy here.  Have you ever wondered if your beauty products ever expire? The answer is if course they do, but how do you really know? Well, if you look on the back of your hairspray bottle usually down below you will see a little container that looks open and has numbers. This […]

Beauty With Wendy – Part 2

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For those of you who may be stumbling on this….we started this series with the post Instant Eyelift With This Simple Beauty Trick.  That post featured the Bitty Brow Kit from the jane iredale skincare makeup line.  We then posted Beauty with Wendy Part 1 which stepped through foundation and eye shadow.  At that point […]

In Wendy’s Own Words

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Just in case anyone might be wondering why we have been featuring jane iredale skincare makeup, I asked Wendy to share with us why she became such a fan of their products.  But before we get to Wendy’s story I want to share that I know how difficult this has been for Wendy.  I am […]

Beauty with Wendy – Part 1

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Ok so everyone is asking for a follow up to the Instant Eyelift beauty post. So here is a bit more information on how my sister Wendy pulled this makeover together for me. Wendy started by using Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener from the jane iredale line of skin care makeup. This product is […]