She may not always look like she appreciates you – but she just has a lot on her mind!  The important thing is that deep down – she really does appreciate you!

The vision for this site has been in the works since the spring of 2012.  Different twists and turns of life through this year had this site trekking on several different paths.  I think the one we settled on is perfect.  My hope is that this site will be a valuable reference tool for those seeking something slightly different for homemaking tips but more so for those who are seeking information on business tips.  We are just taking baby steps now but we have great plans for this site so hope you will continue to check back in with us.
Of course to formulate an idea and stretch into an actionable plan one has to first begin with a great deal of research.  Research is how I settled on my final vision for this site and what I wanted to do to make it unique, informative and entertaining.  I perused through all the necessary legal jargon, setup a financial framework and then set to work on mapping out the site and building in content.  I guess for as much time as I have spent on the internet I had never really LOOKED at websites – their framework, key elements, etc.  And it occurred to me in my review that the majority of websites are missing a key element.  Very few – VERY FEW – have an acknowledgements page on their homepage.  Seems to me that an acknowledgements page would fit nicely alongside the legal pages that most put in their footer.  So for me – that is where I am going to start.  I will post it here and in a month I will paste it in the footer – so it will be there forever.

Kristina’s House could not and would not have gotten off the ground BUT FOR these people.
To our Sponsors and Partners – thank you for your belief in the vision for this site.  Without you this would not have been possible.
To Connie, Jeremy, Chris, Rick – thank you so much for all the work you have done and do around the house.  Your work is the backdrop for what I do and without you keeping things clean and in good repair – well, I wouldn’t have such a nice stage to work from.
To Jason – thank you for your insight in getting the foundation set for the site.  You have been a dedicated loyal partner to me for many years.  I appreciate your technical expertise but more importantly your friendship.
To Big Mike – thank you for your artistic talents!
To James – thank you for your musical talent!  You have been a long time friend of the family and we have appreciated your involvement in this project!
To Heather – thank you for your graphical talents.  Your help with the photos was essential!  Your dedication and loyalty is greatly appreciated.
To Larry – thank you for helping me navigate the legal aspects for this type of project.
To my friends – you know who you are -“Tipster Sisters” and Subject Matter Experts – many…many…thanks…to all of you.
To my family – Mom, Dad, Sisters and their families thank you for your support, encouragement, ideas and most of all taste buds!  Without your input to my often asked question, “Is it a keeper?” this project would not have had such a great selection of content to start out the kitchen pages!
To my kids – by far you are my greatest accomplishments in life.  But for you I would not have the spice and spunk to add to this site.  Too it is you who helps in rounding out the family room and out and about pages.  Your ideas, input, involvement in all the behind the scenes machinations has meant so much to me.  We work hard and we play hard.  You are my inspirations.  Life is meant to be lived laughing and you make me laugh every day.  Life is meant to be lived in love – 143.