Naughty Nurses BBQ Cottage Pie

Naughty Nurses BBQ Cottage Pie

Naughty Nurses BBQ Cottage Pie

This recipe is from my second cousin Greg.  Both Greg and his wife are Nurses.  They are also a BBQ competition and catering team!  Their catering business, Naughty Nurses BBQ  ( ) is based out of Winfield, KS.  Now I cannot say that Greg’s wife is naughty but I CAN confirm that Greg is naughty.  Greg is the cousin who, when I was pre-school age and he was teen age, coached (or would it be conned!) me into whispering “Christmas bah humbug” into the ear of each person who was at our holiday family gathering.  It was always hard to make your way through the house much less get a word in during any family gathering because the Baby Boomer generation in our family is a very large in number and a vocally spirited bunch!  But each person did take a moment to at least lend me their ear before shooing me on my way.  Foolishly, I kept going back to the giggling Greg who just kept the gag going sending me on to the next person.  As a kid there are very few memories that stick out in your mind – but I remember that one!  He’s naughty alright!
Greg and his wife cater for the athletes during the McPherson (KS) Scottish Festival (Click the following link to learn more about this event which is held the Fourth weekend of September in Lakeside Park, McPherson, KS  (between Wichita and Salina, on I-135 in central Kansas) and includes  Music…Dance…Athletics!).  This Cottage Pie is one of the athlete’s favorite dishes.  My sister Suzanne and I are glad to have this dish idea as we are serving athletes every night!  We hope you enjoy this one too.  They do not have a recipe per se and they use bigger pans for catering but here is how it all comes together……..

Naughty Nurses BBQ Cottage Pie
Smoked beef brisket (point works very well) shredded or chopped.
Mixed vegetables
Mashed potatoes
Mix meat and vegetables to about 1/3 the depth of your pan.  A lasagna pan would work well.  Add your favorite BBQ seasoning – to taste – to the meat and vegetable mixture.  Sprinkle meat/vegetable mixture lightly with shredded cheddar cheese.  Make mashed potatoes to your preference but add the same BBQ seasoning – to taste – to the mashed potatoes as well.  Top meat/vegetable/shredded cheddar cheese layer with an even layer of the mashed potato mixture.  Bake at 350° (they cook in a smoker) until internal temperature in several spots reaches 165°. At this point sprinkle top of casserole with shredded cheddar cheese and paprika before returning to the oven until the cheese is melted.  Serve hot.  They have also prepared this dish using pulled pork and suggest it could be prepared with poultry as well.

Naughty Nurses BBQTo learn more about Naughty Nurses BBQ or to have them cater your next event you can click  or call them at 620-229-8730.

We hope to share more recipes from Greg in the future.  We also hope to share some recipes from cousin Darrin and cousin Troy – two more men in the family who are excellent scratch cooks.

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