Beauty Product Review: Sally Hansen Salon Nail Gels

Our policy has been that if we don’t have anything nice to say then we just don’t say anything at all.  We have been rethinking that approach as perhaps there is something valuable in sharing an honest assessment that does not turn out that well.  After all it could save someone from trying something they may not like.  So – with that in mind here is our latest beauty product review from Wendy.

Wendy set out to see if the Sally Hansen gel products really result in beautiful nails.  My Mom, Suzanne and I were all for this as what woman doesn’t struggle at times with keeping their nails looking healthy.  Now if you have been following us you know that Wendy, being a cosmetologist, is hard on her hands.  Her hands are constantly in water and constantly at work.  As well, our post, In Wendy’s Own Words, shared that she also battles sensitivities.  With all that in mind, we felt Wendy would be the perfect critic for this product review.  So here is Wendy’s assessment of Sally Hansen nail products.  We hope this is helpful!!!

Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips
What you get: tiny LED lamp, gel strips, top coat, file/buffer, cuticle pusher, nail cleansing cloths, instructions
Price: 27 ish
My thoughts: gel strips are not that user friendly and if you have small fingers you will spend a lot of time cutting the strips down to fit. The strips were way too big for my finger nails. Was not impressed.
Result: RETURNED the next day and bought the…..

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish
What you get: LED Lamp, Gel Base, Gel Color, Gel Top Coat, cleanser pads, acetone remover, cuticle stick, file/buffer, instructions
Price: 65 ish at retail outlet
How to: Shape nails, apply base coat then place hand under LED lamp for 30 seconds, apply color then place hand under LED lamp for 30 seconds, apply Gel Top Coat then place hand under LED lamp for 30 seconds, Wipe each nail with cleansing pads and That’s IT!!!! So EASY!
My thoughts: There is an odor when you open that bottles of gel. Make sure to not use a lot of product and make sure your skin is clear of any gel when you place hand under LED lamp. I am extremely sensitive and there was a slight warming around my nails when placed under the LED lamp. I am very impressed with the results and I am anxious to see how long this lasts.

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  1. Product update: Why this is worth buying 1) Save time 2) Save money 3) Sanitary. How clean is the nail salon you go to???

  2. Oh and 4) love how my nails look!

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