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In our first post that introduced you to Connie the Cleaning Lady we provided you with a list of cleaning products Connie uses.  Today we are going to put a spotlight on one of those products – Bon Ami (I was saying it as Bon AmEE – Connie said she thinks it is Bon AmII – a long I sound).

Connie demonstrated for me how she uses Bon Ami.  She took one of her Target RE dish cloths (the rough textured one not the flour sack one) and started by getting the cloth slightly damp.  She then sprinkled the Bon Ami powder onto the damp cloth.  She then used the cloth to tackle the residue that was burnt onto my ceramic cooktop.  It came right off!  Easily!  And no scratches.  Bon Ami may very well be the perfect product to have on hand through the holidays to keep your cooktop clean during this time of year when it is most hard at work!

Curious – I wanted to learn more about Bon Ami so I checked out their website –  I found that Bon Ami is biodegradable, nontoxic and hypoallergenic.  Loving that!  As well, every ingredient on the list is a “normal” ingredient, not a chemical.  Loving that too!  I also learned that Bon Ami has been around since – get this – the 1880’s.  Now in the 1880’ Great Grandma was using it for polishing silver but today it is recognized as a versatile kitchen and bath cleaner.  In a nutshell, if “green cleaning products” are the new cool thing – then Bon Ami has been “green” and “cool” for a very long time.

Now – one thing I will say is that I had a bit of a hard time finding Bon Ami when Connie gave me my shopping list.  I looked at several stores before I finally found it at a local grocery store that I do not frequent regularly.  So – I was pleased to see that you can order Bon Ami right from their website.  As well, I didn’t know this until I visited their website, but, they have other products in their lineup such as dish soap, a liquid cleaner and an all-purpose cleanser.  If I end up trying those – and I like them – I will let you know.

Well, all of that covered what we wanted to say – and now we will cover what we have to say…… We have no tie to Bon Ami.  Have never met them, have never talked to them.  Too, your results could be different than what we experienced.  You need to read the label and determine if the product would meet your needs.  Do not base your purchase or use decision on what we have said.  You will be making your own decision.  We are not responsible for your results.  In other posts we have provided you shopping links so you can buy through the site.  There are no shopping links in this post.  As always, we hope this was helpful!

Order your own Bon Ami direct through Amazon by clicking the link below!

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