Christmas for a Contrarian

A couple years ago during the holiday season I was traveling through the Galena, IL area. While there for business I took time for a break to cruise through the shops. In one of the shops I saw a Christmas tree that really caught my eye. Being a bit of a contrarian myself….. well, I was definitely interested in this tree. The shop owner said she had no interest in selling as she was only able to get one tree of this style. I tried my best to wiggle that tree out of her but to no avail.

So what was this tree that caught my eye? It was an upside down Christmas tree. I had never seen such a thing. This one was amazing – it was unusual AND it was decorated really well.

Curious I did some sleuthing and here is what I found out about upside down Christmas trees.

The history of upside down Christmas tree goes as far back as the middle ages, when residents of Europe hung their Christmas trees upside down as a representation of the holy trinity. I guess the tradition started by a British monk who was traveling through Germany.

Of course, now the most common method of displaying today’s Christmas tree is right side up with the tip of the tree pointing to heaven. Because of this modern attitude and style, there are those who think an upside down Christmas tree is a sign of disrespect.

Anyway – ever since seeing that tree I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind and………. I have been on the lookout.

Well finally I have found upside down Christmas trees for sale. Now – higher power……. – to each their own. Mine knows my heart is not one of disrespect and appreciates a sense of humor. So if you are simply curious or would like to order one for yourself – click the logo link below where on the right menu list you will see a link to Unique Christmas Trees.  Check it out!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. This post made me smile!!!! Thanks for sharing. Never knew there was an option!

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