Taste Test: “Adult Beverage 1”

So a couple weeks ago I get a phone call from my Dad who says he has a taste test idea for me.  I guess he and the guy he farms with were taking a bit of a break in town and happened into the “adult beverage” store.  (Things must be running ahead in the field if they are taking breaks at this time of year to “grocery” shop!).  So anyway – he says he wants me to pick up a bottle of the liqueur they bought and they suggest I give it a try in my hot chocolate or in my coffee.  Coffee?!?  Seriously?
So I went and picked up a bottle that night.  Tried it in hot chocolate.  Very good.  Brings a whole new meaning to hot chocolate deluxe!  Tried a couple of the recipes listed on their website, those being……

The rest of this post is for legal drinking age adults only.  If you are 21+ CLICK HERE and enter password YesIm21 to read this post.  We are required to do this………….you are required to be honest about your age!

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