Connie the Cleaning Lady

If you are going to get some advice the best place to turn is to an expert. If you have never called up a cleaning lady for a consultation, well no worries – we’ve done that for you.  And sadly, I have a generic picture of cleaning supplies tied to this post because I couldn’t get Miss Connie to let me take her picture. Trust me, she is beautiful – inside and out!

Now Connie isn’t just any cleaning lady – she is a “member of the family. “ In any case, I wanted to share some of her cleaning tips and product picks. We will be doing a product review of one of the cleaning tools she recommends in another post. This is meant to be a shopping list to take to the store. And – we are going to be pointing you to Target – here is the reason why………………..

Target has a brand of towel Connie swears by for cleaning.
Room Essentials (RE) White Bar Mop Dishcloths 6-pack.  She also likes the Target RE “flour sack” style of towel.  We tried to provide a picture of that too but Target must not sell those online.

These are her cleaning product picks…..
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Soap Scum Cleaner Orange Action
Tilex Mold Stain and Mildew Stain
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original
Bon Ami
Sprayway Glass Cleaner
409 All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Fresh
Pledge Orange Clean
Weinman (for ceramic cooktops)
Swiffer for floors
Swiffer duster

Now I have a hunch  it is not so much the cleaning product as it is what she does with the products. For example at my house she used Pledge to clean my stainless steel appliances. This seemed funny to me because I had bought a specialty stainless steel cleaning product for my appliances. But she was right! When she did it her way cleaning with Pledge on one side and then used the product I had on the other side – well, it was a noticeable difference! For bathrooms she first applies the soap scum remover cleaning product and then wipes it away with the Magic Eraser. I had only been using a Magic Eraser. Again the difference was amazing! For mirrors, no paper towels!  They leave lint so she recommends using the Target RE flour sack type towel.  Lastly, she uses lots (did I say lots because I mean LOTS) of rags preferring to, as she says, “wipe away the dirt rather than wipe it around.” She went through 28 rags at my house.

So if you are looking to shake up your cleaning routine I suggest picking up Connie’s cleaning product picks and try using her cleaning tips. I believe you will find, as I did, that the house is easier to clean and stays cleaner in-between!

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