Places to go: Okoboji, La Chiesa, Grotto of the Redemption

Well, if you have to work a weekend in the summer it might as well be in a setting like this!  Hands down this client wins the “Best Meeting” location of the year!  If you have to meet – where better than lakeside in Okoboji, Iowa.  To learn about hosting a meeting or vacation ideas for Okoboji, click here,  We took in all the fun – putt putt golf, playing on the playground, hanging out by the lake, swimming – fun!

Image on left was my view to the left and image on the right was my view to the right.  What made it even better is that the meeting was short, I am guessing because everyone wanted to get back to the boats!









One of the guilty pleasures I like to enjoy when working out of town is taking in all the shopping and restaurants.  I enjoy traveling by myself to these things but most enjoy when I can take and treat family or friends on these trips.  This time my Mother and Jessica joined me.  We had a great time!  Rule is no fast food joints – better to find a coffee shop, a hole in the wall or upscale restaurant that the locals love.  And this trip didn’t let me down.  We went to La Chiesa in Spencer, Iowa.   Click here to see our restaurant review of La Chiesa.

Once my business was done for the weekend we meandered our way back toward home and on the way stopped in West Bend, Iowa to see the Grotto of the Redemption.  Amazing……  Moving……  If you have never been, you should go.  Depending on the company I find to take on my second trip back to La Chiesa for eggplant ravioli – we may just have to stop at the Grotto if they have never been.  If you cannot go – at least visit their website – and look at the photos.  The photos do no justice, so go if you can and place a rose at the feet of the Mother Mary leaving all your prayers and wishes with her.  They could be in no better hands.

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